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2011 NBA All Star Predictions

The NBA All Star game is just around the corner with only six days left for fan voting. That means there’s less than a week left for the popularity portion of the selection process. At this point, the starters in each conference have pretty much been set and I, much like many other NBA fans, have made my picks for who should participate in the midseason showcase.

After the third ballot update, the leaders at each position in both conferences looked to have a pretty solid lead over the remaining players who received votes. Based on that final ballot update, I’ve made my picks/predictions for who I believe should fill out the remaining 14 slots. Those players are as follows:


G Chris Paul
G Kobe Bryant
F Carmelo Anthony
F Kevin Durant
C Yao Ming* (Andrew Bynum**)


G – Manu Ginobili
G – Monta Ellis**
F – Dirk Nowitzki
F – Kevin Love**
C – Pau Gasol
WC – Deron Williams
WC – Russell Westbrook**

*Can’t play due to injury
**First appearance



G – Derrick Rose
G – Dwayne Wade
F – LeBron James
F – Amar’e Stoudemire
C – Dwight Howard


G – Rajon Rondo
G – Raymond Felton**
F – Josh Smith**
F – Kevin Garnett
C – Joakim Noah**
WC – Chris Bosh
WC – Paul Pierce

**First appearance

As with every year, there are always those players listed as “snubs” after not being selected for the All Star game. The biggest snubs from my list in no particular order would probably be Carlos Boozer, Ray Allen, Andrew Bogut, and Joe Johnson from the East; and Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, Tony Parker, and Steve Nash from the West.

The 2011 All Star game should play host to several new faces as I’ve selected 7 first-time All Stars to represent their respective teams.

Starters will be announced January 27th on TNT and the remaining players will also be announced on TNT on Thursday February 3rd.

The All Star Game is scheduled to take place on Sunday February 20, 2011 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.


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