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Kemba Walker Doin’ It in Style

Anybody who had their TVs on yesterday should’ve been watching the UCONN-Pitt matchup. The game was tight leading up the final seconds. And it was only fitting that point guard Kemba Walker would end the game in such an entertaining fashion. After a nice cross over dribble to set up his next move, Kemba Walker did a step back jumping from the free throw line to the top of the key to pull up for an uncontested jumper at the buzzer. It wasn’t the crossover that got the job done. It was the step back that sent Pittsburgh center Gary McGhee stumbling to the floor as Walker pulled up for the game-winner.The move was spectacular in real time and even better in the replay.

From the looks of it, I think that play should be on SportsCenter’s Top10 AND Not Top 10. If I was McGhee’s friend I would never let him live that down. He literally got his ankles broken and hit the deck leaving Walker wide open for the last shot of the game. What makes it worse is that McGhee’s a senior. So to say your last experience as a Pittsburgh Panther in the Big East tournament was getting yourself crossed up on national television en route to a game-winning buzzer-beater loss is just terrible.

Who knows how he must feel after that one but I know he has to be embarrassed to walk around Pittsburgh’s campus now after that play.


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