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Something’s Missing in Chi-Town

What can be said about this Heat-Bulls series thus far?

Well for starters I can admit that I was wrong. I thought the Bulls would be in control of this series after 3 games and be looking to finish up the Heat in 5 or 6 games. While it’s still possible for the Bulls to come back and win this series (seeing as they’re only down 1-2) I still think they’ll end up in the same place as the Lakers, Magic, Celtics, and Spurs and that’s at home somewhere watching the Finals on TV. The Bulls are a great team but games 2 and 3 of this series have shown me that they are simply outmatched against the Heat.

Derrick Rose is a great player and arguably the best point guard in the league right now. However, the Bulls just don’t seem to have the support base around him to compete against the Heat. The Bulls seemed to struggle in the first four games of their series with the Hawks in the last round. Rose was averaging around 30 ppg in that series.

Now, against a much better Miami Heat team, Rose is averaging closer to 25 ppg. With a roster that doesn’t include too many (if any) players that can create their own shot and drop a consistent 20-plus points per game consistently, it seems the odds would be against this Chicago team.

The Bulls are a much better team than they’ve ever been since the G.O.A.T. retired in 1998 after leading the franchise to a sixth title in eight years. But I still think they still need another crucial piece before they can truly compete for an NBA championship. After taking a look at the roster, one can see they have a superstar in Derrick Rose, a solid post presence in Carlos Boozer, a defensive anchor in Joakim Noah and decent number of perimeter shooters to round out the team.

There’s still something missing….a wing man—a Jason Richardson type perhaps. The Bulls need a player who can create shots for himself and take consistent pressure off of Derrick Rose. If they can find that player, I don’t see any reason why the Bulls wouldn’t be able to challenge any team for a title in the future.


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