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Worst Flop of the Year Award

And the award for Worst Flop of the Year goes to…….

….James Harden

This is probably the worst flop I’ve ever seen. The NBA really needs to do something about all these blatant flops that keep going on throughout the league. There needs to be a fine for players who flop and if it’s not a flop they should just tell them to man up and play ball. I’m tired of seeing all these players try to “act” their way to free calls by the referee.

It’s ridiculous because according to a lot of NBA players, the league isn’t even anywhere near as physical and aggressive as it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s. So I’d like to see how these floppers would fair playing in those days. It’s a good thing people didn’t flop as much back when Shaq was dominant or he probably never would’ve stayed in the game long enough to make a difference.


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